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Take a look at our Facebook pages covering lots of places of interest around Sitio De Calahonda including Dona Lola, El Zoco, Los Jarales and The Strip. Bars, restaurants, shops and businesses come and go, so we try to keep the local pages up to date and share any announcements and celebrations that may be of interest to our many followers. During 2021 and following certain Covid restrictions being lifted, we will be making lots of updates. Click the links below to visit each Facebook page.

Dona Lola

Located just across the main road from El Zoco and Calypso, Dona Lola is a community made up of lots of restaurants, bars and businesses. Right by the coast and the famous boardwalk in Sitio de Calahonda. Visit the Dona Lola Facebook Page.

El Zoco

The largest shopping complex in the area of Sitio de Calahonda on the Spanish coast, El Zoco contains a large amount of shops, restaurants, bars and general businesses including a Super Sol supermarket. Visit the El Zoco Facebook Page.

Los Jarales

Los Jarales is located on the west of Sitio de Calahonda. In addition to bars, restaurants, banks and businesses, the Los Jarales area also has a Mercadona supermarket and the famous Los Jarales Camping Site. Visit the Los Jarales Facebook Page.

The Strip

North of El Zoco is The Strip, a small and popular part of Sitio de Calahonda. Bars, restaurants and shops are located here and the area has lots of accommodation for visiting tourists as well as the locals. Visit The Strip Facebook Page.